Terms and Conditions

All the information, services, software, documents, and materials available on or maintained by ExportTradeBazaar are subject to the terms and conditions outlined in user agreements.

When suppliers offer services through ExportTradeBazaar to customers, it is essential to respond to customers in a professional manner; failure to do so may lead customers to choose alternative suppliers.

The utilization of all information, services, and materials displayed on our site should adhere to the recommended guidelines provided by ExportTradeBazaar.

ExportTradeBazaar does not facilitate conference calls for international buyers in the buyer connect service; this service is exclusively provided to domestic clients.

In the event that a buyer requests a Post-Dated Cheque (PDC) and an agreement is reached, ExportTradeBazaar does not guarantee payment terms. If a PDC cheque or any other form of payment does not clear, the responsibility lies with the supplier, and any disputes should be resolved directly with the buyer.

Theft or misuse of content and information uploaded on ExportTradeBazaar will be considered objectionable behavior, and necessary actions may be taken against the user in accordance with the terms and conditions.

ExportTradeBazaar does not endorse or recommend proceeding with any specific business program from any individual or organization without thorough examination. The platform primarily shares general information.

Our primary objective is to connect suppliers with buyers to facilitate deal closures, both domestically and internationally. Business leads are provided not only within India but globally. Deals are open to preferences on both ends.

Business leads are offered on a national and international basis, subject to availability. Applicants must apply for business leads from various regions, and while preferences can be expressed, it may take additional time to align with specific requirements. Patience is advised for those seeking buyers based on specific preferences.

ExportTradeBazaar offers Export Business Consultants to assist in navigating business challenges. The role of an Export Business Consultant is to guide businesses on the right path, ensuring a smooth journey. However, businesses operating independently assume full responsibility, and ExportTradeBazaar is not liable for any outcomes.

ExportTradeBazaar retains exclusive rights and authorization to protect information, materials, services, and contents under relevant copyright and intellectual property laws. Copying any information, materials, services, or contents without authorization is subject to legal action under copyright violation laws.