Refund and Cancellation Policy


Membership Payments:

  • All payments would be accepted on standard modes set by ExportTradeBazaar.
  • As we at ExportTradeBazaar keep up high interactions with our clients and carry out the entire process with their approval, thus there is no provision for any kind of full or partial refund. We clearly mention here that the paid amount would not be refunded in circumstances.
  • Once an order is placed, it cannot be canceled as it is sent for processing immediately. Your personal preferences changed over the course of time cannot serve as a reason for a refund or chargeback.
  • ExportTradeBazaar keeps a record of each payment and service being activated. For the same, the company forwards all services and payment records to the client on their letterhead, which needs to be signed by the user o r customer with their company stamp or with their Pan card attached. If such a letterhead is received from the user or cust omer, then later on, in any concern, ExportTradeBazaar will not be responsible to refund that amount to the user or customer until and unless the client has some major concern with complete proofs
  • ExportTradeBazaar also holds the liability that if a customer or user declares that they have not received services from the company and ExportTradeBazaar provides all proofs that they are regularly working with the custom er or user with proper emailing and all, then also no refund will be processed unless the client shows the proof of not give n services
  • All payments for services at have to be made in favor of "Export Trade Bazaar Private Limited." We have not authorized any individual or organization to collect payments in any other name (i.e., any other individual or organization name) or via personal Western Union or personal PayPal Accounts for any services rendered by Export TradeBazaar. You are informed that under no circumstances will Export Trade Bazaar be liable for any damage caused to your bu siness transaction by such fraudulent individuals or organizations
  • Any employee who left from ExportTradeBazaar and tries to make you negative for any of the services for which you have paid, and if your membership tenure completed one month, then we are not responsible for any refund.
  • If you paid for membership and after one month you say that you don't want to continue service because your company gets closed, then ExportTradeBazaar can move on with that payment for your other company or for your any references. But ExportTradeBazaar will not refund any amount in the above scenario
  • Deal promised done in the membership package is counted with that tenure period. If one deal does not get closed in one month, then ExportTradeBazaar has that one year time to close all your deals. The client cannot say that you committed for 1 deal in a month so if not given then refund. ExportTradeBazaar has the complete tenure time as per the membership given to deliver those deals

Before the membership is activated by this website, the user or subscriber can claim cancellation and refund by the following ways only:

  • For credit card transactions, the user or subscriber can email this website his intention for cancellation of his membership or paid subscription on the billing mail sent by ExportTradeBazaar. On receipt of such a cancellation request, this website will cancel the transaction, and such transaction will not be charged to the credit card holder. In case the transaction ha s already been authorized, this website will refund the amount authorized by such transaction within 7 working days of the receipt of the request for the cancellation of the paid subscription. Credit card payment gateways may take their own additional time depending upon their internal procedures to credit such amount to the credit card holder
  • For cheque / demand draft payments, this website will refund the instrument to the user or subscriber if this website gets the request to cancel the transaction before it is deposited into the bank account. If the instrument is deposited into the bank account, then this website will send the refund cheque within 7 working days of getting the credit of the said instrument in the bank account. Such refund cheque will be sent by registered post / airmail to the drawer of the instrument.
  • For foreign currency wire transfers, the user or subscriber can initiate the “Recall” request through his banking channel. On getting the request for “Recall of money,” this website will approve the transaction reversal within 7 working days of getting such a request from its bank, but all this only before services activated.

To protect your business interests, please contact us immediately if any such fraudulent individual or organization tries to mislead you.

Other Legal Disputes Policy

  • Other Legal Disputes Policy: For any kind of legal dispute related to Export Trade Bazaar, it would be dealt with only in the territory of Delhi. All the legal issues are subjected only to the pertinent contemporary's laws in force at New Delhi to the jurisdiction of courts located in New Delhi only.
  • Export Trade Bazaar is not responsible for any dispute within the community members /users/visitors.
  • Information/Images/ Contents available on member's classifieds, website is completely controlled by the respective member, and Export Trade Bazaar bears no accountability/liability for any sort of legal issues, including authenticity or copyright. All such issues need to be directly addressed to the respective member.

We anticipate that the aforementioned information would enable you to shrewdly use the facilities and services offered by and strengthen our business associations as well. With warmest greetings, Team Export is all set to assist you to serve with the best possible solutions.