About Us

ExportTradeBazaar, a rapidly expanding B2B Marketplace, offers a comprehensive Marketing Platform tailored for Small and Medium businesses engaged in international trade. Our platform facilitates the online promotion of business, products, and services. We enable registered buyers and sellers globally to initiate and expand their businesses through our intelligent marketing solutions, cutting-edge tools, and acclaimed support services. Established in 2019 with our headquarters in Delhi, ExportTradeBazaar serves as an optimal online hub for buyers and suppliers worldwide, fostering seamless, secure, and effective business interactions.

Purpose and Goals

At ExportTradeBazaar.com, we are dedicated to providing genuine and reliable services to our esteemed clients. We prioritize trust and hope in business relationships, striving to deliver unparalleled support. Our primary goal is to assist businesses in expanding globally, ensuring their success and prosperity.

Introduction to the Team

Behind the success of ExportTradeBazaar.com is a team of highly skilled professionals devoted to delivering exceptional services. Our team comprises industry experts, enthusiastic individuals, and technological wizards working cohesively to create a comprehensive platform for businesses. With vast experience in web content writing, trade, and customer satisfaction, our team ensures quality and credibility in our services.


ExportTradeBazaar.com offers a wide range of valuable services to cater to the diverse needs of our clients. We believe in providing comprehensive solutions covering every aspect of the trade process:

Customer Opinions

Our commitment to excellence and passion for customer satisfaction has garnered positive feedback:

"ExportTradeBazaar.com has been instrumental in expanding our business globally. Their genuine services and reliable platform have allowed us to reach new markets."
"We highly recommend ExportTradeBazaar.com to any business looking for trustworthy trade connections. Their team has been incredibly supportive throughout our journey."


With persistent efforts, ExportTradeBazaar.com has achieved significant milestones: